• Spell bound performance of “Natyashastra” and “Pushkara” by Three Aksha ensemble. a unique approach to the old age traditional dance and how it coupled very well with the digital video mapping technology. North East Journal, 2017.
  • A dazzling showcase of samAni by Three Aksha Dance ensemble. Perfect coordination, with over 30 dancers and live music ensemble a pristine technique and artistry, The Dance Journal 2016.
  • An Inspirational two week workshop and a grand Bharatanatyam recital by master artist Prof. C.V.Chandrasekhar and Three Aksha ensemble, Philadelphia Dance Journal 2015.
  • A lively performance by Three Aksha Dance Ensemble at Painted Bride- Anukruthi Dharmasena, Narthaki, Jul 2015.
  • “Three Aksha presented their very popular production ‘Uurja’ that is already creating waves all over US, Canada, the UK, Europe and India to rave reviews. Three Aksha’s perfect synchronization, fresh choreography and flawless presentation made the performance a class apart” -Narthaki, May 2012.
  • “Viji’s Bharatanatyam choreographies are technical tour de force.” – Kristen E Holmes Philadelphia Inquirer, July 2011.
  • “Blending of East and West styles of dance. A contemporary presentation of Indian Classical dance Bharatanatyam. Hailed as a ‘theatrical visionary.”  —Philadelphia Inquirer, Jan 2010.
  • “Viji Rao demonstrated that there is mathematics in dance, and dance in nature, through her production Prayog here in Bangalore.” —Joshua Muyiwa of Time Out magazine, July 2009
  • “A five-member ensemble of mostly American women of Indian origin, focused on the nodal geometric shapes, natural angles that the axis of the body makes with the limbs while dancing and postures from temple sculptures, through short choreographies.” —Zee News, July 2009.
  • “The beauty of the performance lay in the fact that it overcame the traditional style while remaining loyal to form.” —Deccan Chronicle, July 2009.
  • “Powerful dancing and very good synchronization between the dancers. Most dynamic dancing I have ever seen.” —Northeast Times, U.S.A 2008.
  • “Viji Rao of Three Aksha is recognized for her artistic development in Bharatanatyam and also in developing new choreographies within the parameters of Indian traditional dance.” —Britain News, 2006.
  • “Viji is an internationally acclaimed choreographer and has an interesting way of blending the Nritta and Nritya.” —Birmingham City, United Kingdom, 2004.
  • “Viji is a present-day dance exponent. Her accolades include performances in Indian institute of world culture, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. Also, she has won the title pride of the state (Karnataka, India) twice when she stood first in national-level competitions.” —Spotlite, Bangalore, 2004.
  • “Viji, with her sparkling eyes, left the audience awestruck with her superb sense of rhythm. Her performance was very impactful.” —Deccan Herald, Bangalore, 2003.
  • “Tidy presentation, young and talented dancer Viji had a neat and tidy Bharatanatyam recital. Her nritta, nrithya and abhinaya shone forth in the presentation of a Varna “Manavi.” The muktayas in particular were a visual treat indeed. The dancer continued to show her prowess in sketching a madhyama Khandita nayika through a pada “Indendu” in suruti. Viji portrayed Narasimha avatara and a few important scenes like Kurukshetra Yuddha, Gettopadesha and killing of Duryodhana with aplomb. Her face and eyes could convey the appropriate emotions, making mukhijaabhinaya a purposeful one.” —The Hindu, Bangalore, 2002.
  • “Poised performer, blessed with a pleasing stage presence and agility, Viji went through the performance with confidence. The Shankarabharana Varna “Manavi,” which formed the central piece of the performance, was studded with gripping jathis and sancharis. The clarity in the hand movements and clean lines, perfect execution of muktayas, the mandi adavus and thattu-mettu, all negotiated with ease, created an impression that dancing was an easy proposition.” —The Sunday Times, Bangalore, 2002.