Arangetram Students

Priyanka Reddy


 “Training for and performing my Arangetram under Viji Rao was one of the most inspiring and rewarding experiences of my life. It has molded me into the person I am today, by teaching me life skills including concentration, commitment, hard work, and most importantly,  perseverance. I am very thankful that I got to enjoy this journey with Viji Aunty, who showed me endless support and pushed me to do my best. I feel closer to my family, culture, and homeland because of my Arangetram, and I will always cherish this wonderful experience”

 Neha Nataraj


“I don’t think I can quite capture in words the experience I had with Vijiakka throughout my dance training for my rangapravesha. Without a doubt there were some stressful moments in organizing and putting the actual event together, but every thrilling moment of dancing overshadowed this. The amount of personal growth that occurred during my training has really changed my thinking today, and the bond I al.ready shared with Vijiakka was strengthened into a lifetime connection through my one-on-one sessions with her. And even though it has been over 3 years, and I go to school in New York, this bond has not weakened in any way, and my strong link to dance has never wavered. The rangapravesha experience with Vijiakka is an episode of my life that I wouldn’t give up for the world and is something I will forever treasure. “

Eeshani Singh 


“I have been passionate about dance, since I was a young child. I was fortunate to find my Guru, Viji Rao, who helped me grow as a dancer.  While training for my Aarangetram, she was demanding and pushed me to do complex movements that I struggled with. Her choreography is unique and she is able to get the best out of her students. I am proud to be part of Three Aksha and to have found both a Guru and friend in Viji Rao.”

Rochitha Nathan

“When I dance, everything else in my life fades away and the only thing on my mind is dance. I don’t know who I would be as a person without dance in my life. Through the years Vijjiakka has not only been a guru but also become a friend and a mentor to me. I have seen so many thing and gone to so many places performing with Vijiakka. She has opeoned up my life to new experiences and ideas. The feeling of getting in front of an audience with the hot lights blinding you is a sensation that can be replaced by no other. Training for my arangetram helped me grow and develop as a dancer and taught me to take my dancing to new levels. Dance is who I am and will always be a part of my life.”

Shruti Iyer

“Bharatanatyam has brought me closer to everything in my life – to my parents, my culture, my community, and even myself. While I began dancing at the age of 5, dance still continues to play a role in my everyday life. The grace, dedication, teamwork, motivation, and determination demanded by myself, my guru, my parents, and even my friends to complete an arangetram has taught me so many skills that I have carried into my life today, at 22. My arangetram helped me realize all the amazing ways dance has shaped my life, I have continued dancing ever since then. My guru, Viji Rao, molded me into a person I am proud of, and for that, I am forever grateful.”



Mona Ghose

“It was a wonderful experience, it challenged me to push myself farther than I thought I could go, it was a dream come true and it changed my life forever. I’ll always cherish the relationship I have with you as my guru. In all seriousness, I miss dance a lot and even though I am not dancing a lot right now, I know I will again one day and until then I will always carry the lessons I learned from practicing and traveling and working in a team. It definitely shaped who I am as a person and I’m so grateful I got to have that experience.”

Vandana Rao

Completing my arangetram on 7/7/ 2007 was the realization of a dream that I had from the time I started learning Bharatanatyam as a young girl.  It took several years of hard work, determination and guidance from my Guru Vijiakka to make this dream a reality. She encouraged me to do my best and stressed the importance of practice so I would be well prepared for my performance. I learned to appreciate even more the beautiful art form of Bharatanatyam while also learning important life lessons about humility and respect through this process. I am grateful to Vijiakka for this experience and for her support then and now. “